A new concept in interior design and an atypical approach of space.

Interior design

Inside a space, imagination can take many forms; we can help you find the right one. Because satisfying you is important to us.

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Product design

For a complete customization of commercial and residential spaces, we offer design services for furniture and decorative objects.

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Architectural Design

Inspiration is essential in conceiving a building. At Acentric Design we can develop together a unique aesthetic concept.

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3D modeling

If you have a precise idea about a piece of furniture, decorative objects or various structures, we offer the possibility of visualizing them in a 3D simulation.

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In a few words…

The vision behind Acentric Design vision is connected to a unique perception of space, whether it is residential or commercial. We believe that every interior must respond to the needs of those who live or work in that environment and at the same time stimulate them in a pleasant and creative way. Therefore, instead of limiting ourselves to a set of outdated rules, otherwise very effective in arranging inert spaces, we prefer to spend more time to get to know our customers and to better understand what would inspire them from an aesthetic point of view. Because only by doing so, we can we create a functional dialogue between people and the spaces where they spend their time.

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