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Interior design

Our team is besides you in creating a unique space where you can feel good and enjoy life. We are dedicated to perfection, which is why we pay close attention to every detail. This is the only way we can create aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional spaces. Satisfying our customers is essential and we are genuinely happy when we succeed in improving their lives. To get the right concept and design that will suit your preferences, we will develop a customized concept followed by a 2D plan, 3D photo-realistic simulations and give you all the technical details for implementing the project.

Product design

For a more personalized spatial layout, we offer customized solutions by designing furniture, lighting fixtures or decorative objects. This assures the originality of spaces and creates a unique, unforgettable atmosphere. After determining the utility of the product and the customer’s preferred style, proposals are made that will include: design, technical features, sketches and execution drawings.

Architectural Design

For those who want to build a residential or commercial building, our team can develop an aesthetic concept according to your style and needs. This process involves making 3D simulations inserted within the existing spatial context to determine the compatibility with the neighboring buildings and structures. In addition, Acentric Design specialists offer you the opportunity to view through photo-realistic simulations any changes you want to make to an existing building, such as: upgrading a facade, adding an extension, designing pavilions etc.

3D modeling

If you already have the exact 2D specifications of the building / object (plans, sections, photos, technical drawings, CAD files) and want to see how it would fit your project, we offer you 3D modeling services through which you can experiment with a variety of colors and textures.


Decorating a space is never easy, especially when there is an extreme variety of materials, furniture and decorative items on the market. Our team offers you the most suitable solutions and can direct you to reliable suppliers.